Rolfing Structural Integration is a hands on type of body work that works with the nervous system and connective tissue called fascia. Whether it's emotional or physical trauma, if our nervous system is unable to fully process an event at the time it occurs, our bodies decide to "store it for later". This storage occurs primarily in the fascia. Rolfing creates the container to release these traumas, freeing the tissues, thus creating space for our vital force to flow more freely.

Rolfing helps alleviate pain, heighten bodily awareness, balance energy, increase range of motion, as well as enhance stability and postural alignment. For the mind, Rolfing promotes clearer thinking with greater focus, and magnifies a peaceful sense of well-being.  


  • If your professions or hobbies demand high bodily performance

    • i.e. Divers, athletes, construction workers,​ dancers, bikers, gymnasts, climbers, yogi's/yogini's 

  • If you're on your feet for long periods of time.

    • i.e. Servers, flight attendants, retail, doctors, pharmacists, nurses

  • If you sit for long periods of time

    • i.e. Desk jobs

  • You regularly use repetitive motion injuries/discomfort

    • i.e. Tech people, musicians,

  • If your life is stressful​​​

  • If you're recovering from accidents (Falling, car accidents, sports injuries, etc.)

  • If you experience chronic or acute pain

  • If you've experienced old emotional or physical traumas/injuries​​

    •  i.e. From childhood or adolescence 

  • If you struggle with coordination ​


 Dr. Ida Rolf discovered that in order for holistic transformation to take place, certain parts of the body must be opened up before other parts WILL open up. We also need periods of integration, in order to allow our bodies to settle into their new alignment, movement, and way of being. Systematically opening up the body, combined with Integration allows for this work to actually stick instead of going back into our old patterning, habitual motion, or pain. This is why the 10 series is so highly recommended and important.